Will shamita shetty and raqesh bapat to get married this year read what boyfriend raqesh bapat has to say about the same | Raqesh and Shamita Shetty To Get Married ? Will Shamita Shetty marry after Bigg Boss 15? Know what the actor has to say – filmyzoo

Will Shamita Shetty marry after Bigg Boss 15?

bigg boss 15 ,Bigg Boss 15) contestant Shamita Shetty ,Shamita Shetty) recently said in the reality show that she wants to get married this year. Before entering the house, Shamita and Rakesh Bapat (Raqesh Bapat) had made their relationship official. Both of them met on Bigg Boss OTT which started in August last year. After coming out of the house, both of them had confirmed that they are ‘dating’ each other. Rakesh had also entered Bigg Boss 15 as a wild card to support his girlfriend Shamita Shetty, but due to ill health, he had to leave the show.

Know what Rakesh has to say about marriage

Now Rakesh has given a statement regarding marriage to Shamita. e times In the interview given to us, Rakesh said that ‘Whatever decision will be taken regarding marriage, both of us will do it together with a calm mind. Before marriage it is more important that we spend time together because I absolutely agree with Shamita that we have not spent time together because Shamita immediately joined Bigg Boss 15 after Bigg Boss OTT was over. Hope all is well.”

Salman Khan and Rakhi did leg stretching

Some time ago, both Rakhi Sawant and Salman Khan were seen pulling Shamita Shetty’s leg together. In ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, both of them were seen teasing Shamita Shetty by the name of Karan Kundra. However, during this, Shamita had told both that, “Don’t do this, maybe Rakesh also does not like it.”

Rakesh is not upset because of Karan Kundra

When asked about this, Rakesh said, ‘I laugh when such things happen. When two people are ‘secure’ in a relationship, these things don’t matter. I understand that house and the way things happen there, so I take it as a joke. Such things don’t bother me.”

Rakesh praises Shamita

Rakesh also praised Shamita’s game, he said that “I have always said that Shamita is playing this game very well. He is very transparent. After a long time, I have met someone who is so candid about things. His truth is visible in this game. Even on her own, she is playing the game very brilliantly and I am very proud of her for the way she handles things. For me, she is the winner of the show.

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