What Does Sara Ali Khan Eat When She Is Not Dieting – Find Out


For weight watchers among us, our diet generally includes chillas, fruits, oats, grilled paneer, and other such recipes. While these foods are surely healthy, we often miss the buttery and extravagant taste of other dishes. So, when we finally get the chance to have them without thinking about the calories, we wish to eat to our heart’s content. And same seems to be the case with actress Sara Ali Khan. We all are aware of Sara Ali Khan’s amazing transformation before she stepped into Bollywood. The actress undoubtedly became an inspiration for many. While it is no secret that she might follow a strict diet and exercise routine, Sara has never shied away from good food. In fact, her Instagram stories often feature her culinary tales. Don’t believe us? Let her Instagram stories prove you that!

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Sara Ali Khan took to Instagram to post about her lavish meal at a restaurant in New York City. As she is sitting and posing with her friends, we can also spot a range of dishes on the table. There is a mix of broccoli on one plate with a mixed salad. The other two plates feature a mix of what seems to be spicy chicken and shrimp covered in yummy sauce. In the story, Sara wrote, “It’s been a hot second since I ate hot food that wasn’t plane muselli. Welcome to NYC.” She also tagged her friends and the restaurant. Take a look at her story here:

Isn’t it looking yummy?! Every time Sara Ali Khan is travelling, she makes sure to share about her indulgences. Earlier than this, when she was in the Netherlands, she posted about her hearty egg breakfast. We could see four delectable bowls with various meals on them. A scrambled egg on multigrain bread with greens and cherry tomatoes on the side appeared. Croissants, bacon, avocado, and a leafy green salad were all served on another platter. You can read all about it here.

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As Sara keeps travelling and shares her food diaries, we can’t wait to see what will be next on her plate! What do you think about it!? Let us know in the comments below.

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