Watch: Elderly Woman Sells Papads In Jaipur Amid Scorching Heat, Inspires The Internet


The internet is filled with all sorts of amazing content. From adorable baby and animal videos, bizarre food combinations to motivational stories – scrolling through social media can instantly lift our mood in a matter of minutes. However, what really tugs at our heartstrings are stories about people working exceptionally hard to meet their daily needs. The sheer courage and determination toward their work encourages us to introspect and be grateful for what we have in life. Recently, one such video of a 68-year-old woman selling papads in Jaipur has been making the rounds on the internet. She can be seen standing in extreme heat and selling papads for as low as ₹20 only. 

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In a video uploaded by Instagram street food blogger @streetfoodrecipe, we can see the elderly woman selling papads amid scorching heat. “68-year-old Amma is working hard to make a living for her family. She sells papads which cost ₹20 and stands in extreme heat from morning to evening till all the papads are sold. She’s the only working member in her family.” reads the caption of the post. As per @streetfoodrecipe the woman sells papads at Jantar Mantar, Jalebi Chowk, Jaipur. Take a look at the full video here: 

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has been viewed 266K times, has 26.4K likes, and hundreds of comments. Many people were moved by the elderly woman’s grit and determination, and extended their support to help her. Check out some of the comments below: 

“Thank you brother, for bringing this inspiration to us.” 

“I feel like my struggles are nothing in front of her. She is a fighter. I feel so tiny.” 

“Hey why don’t we donate for her to at least open a shop where she can sell.” 

“Wish all good for aunty. Can it be possible to help her from Maharashtra?’ 

“May God bless her and keep her healthy and give her great wealth.” 

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