Viral: This Abandoned Vintage Burger King Will Take You Back To A Different Era


The internet is full of stuff, and we come across something new and surprising every day. While there are many genres to discover, one in particular that interests a lot of people is exploring abandoned places. YouTube, Instagram, and any other visual medium are full of such videos. Creators find old houses, haunted locations, abandoned malls and theme parks, and whatnot! Recently, one such surprising discovery of a vintage Burger King has caught the attention of many people. Till now, many of us have been to Burger King and know what the ambiance looks like. But this vintage one will remind you of a completely different era!

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In a Tweet made by user @RealJezebelley we can see this old-style Burger King outlet. In the picture, you will notice old-style booth chairs, vintage décor, and working space. In the tweet, the user also mentioned, “A fully intact vintage Burger King was found behind a wall at the Concord Mall in Wilmington, DE. This photo was snapped by Jonathon Pruitt in April of 2022.” Check out the post here:

Ever since this post was made, it has widely been circulated on the internet. It has 181.8K likes, 17.4K Retweets, and several reactions. Take a look at some of the reactions:

“I’m surprised that it’s still up I wonder why they blocked it up behind the mall.”

“Imagine every fast-food joint opening a retro store from the ’80s and ’90s!!! They’d make a killing!”

“Give it a good wipe-down & reopen as the “throwback Burger King”- the kids will love it.”

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“Man, I am old because I remember this exact Burger King. Used to roll up to Concord mall arcade on Friday nights looking for challengers for SF and MK.”

“Grew up a few miles from there. I worked at this Burger King one summer in the late 90s – my first-ever job!”

“Honestly and sincerely fascinated at how everyone involved would “lose” a Burger King restaurant.”

Have you ever been to a vintage outlet like this one? If you have, let us know your experience in the comments below!

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