Urfi Javed Sad Story: I had to pay such a price for uploading photos on Facebook, Urfi Javed has not yet recovered from that sorrow… – filmyzoo


Urfi Javed had gone through this phase

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Urfi Javed had to face slut shaming at the age of 15. He uploaded a photo of himself on Facebook. After which someone had put his photo on the porn site.

Urfi Javed, who has always been trolled for his clothes, is once again in the headlines. urfi javed ,Urfi JavedEvery day she dominates social media with her bold looks. Urfi Social Media Sensation (Social Media Sensation) are also quite popular. She has once again dominated the internet for her new avatar. Many times they are also slut-shamed on social media, but every time they get new looks (Urfi Javed New Look) and makes it clear that they do not mind trolling.

Urfi has become a slut shame at a very young age. This is the reason that now they have stopped making any difference to these things. Recently a latest interview of Urfi has surfaced. He is being trolled once again for this interview.

In his interview, Urfi shared many shocking stories of his life. He told that at the age of just 15, his picture was uploaded on porn sites. After which his family members did not support him. After that incident, Urfi’s family itself shaming his slut.

Uploaded photo on porn site

This incident was from Lucknow. Urfi told that I had cut one of my tops and made an off shoulder top for myself. At that time, such fashionable clothes were not in trend in Lucknow. Neither did anyone buy or wear such clothes, nor were such clothes sold in shops. In such a situation, Urfi uploaded his photo on Facebook in that off shoulder top. After which someone put his photo on the porn site.

Got this punishment for wearing a top

Next, Urfi told that it was a simple top. He had to pay a heavy price for wearing it. During that time the whole city shaming his slut. In which his own family was also included.

Slut shaming the family with a simple top: Urfi

Urfi Javed cried openly, said no one respects in the industry - Informalnewz

Commenting on his clothes, people said that my photo was put on the porn site because I was wearing that top. People said that the girl should wear such clothes from above and put it on Facebook too.

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How did Urfi fight that situation?

Urfi told that I had no idea how to handle this. Until you face any problem, you do not recognize your own strength. In such a situation, either you fight or you don’t go. But, I did not have the courage to die, so I faced that situation and fought.


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