‘The Conjuring 4’ could ‘potentially’ be last film in franchise, says Director James Wan


LOS ANGELES: Work on the fourth instalment of “The Conjuring” is underway, says horror master James Wan, who has teased the film could be the last chapter in the popular film franchise.

The supernatural horror movie series could “potentially” wrap up with the upcoming sequel to “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” (2021), he hinted.

In an interview with the entertainment website Collider, Wan said the makers want to put their best foot forward with the project.

“We are working on it right now. With the ‘Conjuring’ films, we are very precious about (them).

“And so we kind of want to just take our time to make sure we get it right and to make sure the emotion of the Warren stories that we want to tell, and moving into, and potentially wrapping up, we just want to make sure that it’s the right thing, the right story that we’re telling,” the filmmaker, who serves as executive producer on “The Conjuring 4”, said.

Asked if the next film would be the last in the series, Wan added: “We never know. You never know. We’ll see.”

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, who wrote the screenplay for the second and third “The Conjuring” movies, will return as writer on the fourth part of the series.

Wan along with Peter Safran will return to co-produce the film.

Franchise leads Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will also reprise their roles as paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

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