Superstar Singer 2: This weekend superstar singers will celebrate the golden era of 90’s music and will salute the spirit of Indian housewives – filmyzoo

Superstar Singers will celebrate the golden era of 90’s music

In the upcoming episodes of Superstar Singers Season 2, every contestant will be seen doing their best to impress and celebrate the special guests on their stage.

Sony TV’s Kids Singing Reality Showsuperstar singer 2 (Superstar Singer 2) is all set to take the audience on a musical roller coaster ride this weekend with its stellar episodes. Coming to the show ‘Char Chand’ on Saturday’s episode are renowned singers Udit Narayan and Anuradha Paudwal, who will grace the stage with ’90s 90s Songs’; So in Sunday’s episode, there will be a beautiful celebration named ‘Housewives of India’ saluting the housewives of the country.

A gathering of songs will be decorated in the show

All the superstar singers and their captains together will be seen celebrating the golden era of 90s music in a grand celebration. It will surely be a fun musical treat for all. All the special guests will be seen enjoying some of the best children’s renditions of Superstar Singer 2 till date including Diamond Mani, Pranjal Biswas, Aryanand, Sayesha, Mohammad Faiz and other contestants from the audience as well as the judges – Alka Yagnik will also blow the senses of Javed Ali and Himesh Reshammiya.

Host Aditya Narayan will give a special surprise to Papa

Delivering a beautiful performance on 90’s 90s songs, the contestants of Superstar Singer will take you back to the golden and magical era of 90s music. Making Saturday’s episode even more special, Aditya Narayan will give a surprise performance for his father Udit Narayan on the song ‘Akele Hum Akele Tum’ when Udit Narayan presents a picture of his granddaughter Tvisha. Adding a cute twist to the song, instead of singing the line ‘Oh, I love you daddy’, Aditya will sing ‘Oh, I love you dadu’ on behalf of his daughter Tvisha for her grandfather Udit Narayan.

Also, contestant Aryanand will really impress Anuradha Paudwal with his beautiful performances on the songs ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi’, ‘Bahut Pyaar Karte Hai’ and ‘Ho Gaya Tujhko To Pyaar’, to which Anuradha ji tells her. It will be seen that ‘You are really the one take artist of this show and you are pitch perfect.’

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Needless to say, there will be unmatched zeal and enthusiasm on the stage. On Sunday, saluting the spirit of housewives, the contestants will be seen performing in the presence of housewives from across the city. From the simple housewife to the food blogger and fitness instructor, every housewife will tell her own story that will inspire many. During this, Contestant Aruna Das and her Captain Mohammad Danish will make everyone swoon by presenting an exciting performance on ‘Aunty Ji Get Up and Dance’. Also, Judge Himesh Reshammiya will leave no stone unturned to make all the housewives feel special. To make the day of these housewives special, Himesh will be seen dancing with them on some of his popular songs.


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