Subway Sandwich Proves Costly For Model, Fined Rs. 1.43 Lakhs At Airport

Frequent travellers would agree that traveling makes us extremely hungry. Long durations spent in flights or in trains, ferries or cars can trigger major hunger pangs even in the best of us. There are plenty of fast-food outlets such as Domino’s or Subway that can be easily eaten on the go. However, can you imagine if a Subway sandwich ended up costing you a whopping Rs. 1.43 lakh rupees? An Australian model named Jessica Lee was charged a huge fine by customs authorities at the Australian airport. The reason behind this was that she failed to declare two ingredients to customs officers after landing in Europe from her trip.

The story was shared by the 19-year-old on her social media handle, where the video went viral garnering thousands of views. Jessica Lee was travelling from Europe to Australia and had purchased a foot-long Subway sandwich at her stopover at Singapore airport after an 11-hour long flight. “I ate six inches before my second flight and then saved the other six inches for the flight which they’re more than happy with,” she revealed in the video as per the Sun.

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The Subway sandwich ended up costing nearly Rs. 1.43 lakh for Jessica Lee.

However, Lee was not able to finish the Subway sandwich and also did not declare her meal on arrival at the Australia airport customs. “I thought the little declaration thing you do is for your carry-ons and your luggage, so I didn’t tick chicken and I didn’t tick lettuce,” Lee said. This resulted in a fine of $2,664 or Rs. 1.43 Lakhs to be paid in a matter of 28 days. Further, Jessica had recently quit her job and was wondering how she would pay up her rent and this huge fine. “I am very aware this is my mistake and I do take ownership; I am paying the fine. Don’t copy my expensive mistakes,” she concluded.

A flurry of reactions poured in for the bizarre news of the Subway sandwich. Some felt Jessica should have known the guidelines of her own country, while others felt she should have been given a warning before being charged the whopping fine.

Which side of the story do you agree with? Do you feel it was unfair for the model to be fined like this? Tell us in the comments.

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