‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Juliette Goes Off On Cara For Inviting Meghan To Her Party

Madisson Hausburg’s bachelorette party includes some drama on this week’s episode of Siesta Key! All the girls get together at the bash, and Juliette Porter and Amanda Miller fill Madisson in on what went down at Cara Geswelli’s party from last week’s episode. Cara invited Juliette’s ex, Sam Logan’s, new fling, Meghan, to the party, and she and Sam were making out right in front of Juliette.

“The way it went down, it was so disrespectful,” Amanda Miller says in the EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 19 episode above. “It was literally, like, Meghan jumping on Sam and looking Juliette dead in the eye and giving her a stank eye. And then [for Cara] to be encouraging it like, ‘Yeah, go f*** her in the bathroom…’”

Juliette Porter on ‘Siesta Key.’ (MTV)

Cara and Jordana Barnes eventually join the conversation, just as Juliette is slamming Meghan for having “no self respect.” Cara asks why Juliette feels that way, to which Juliette responds, “She keeps getting dropped and comes back when she’s the last option.” Cara points out that Juliette has also been dropped by Sam, but went back to him after he was with someone else. “I’m not the last option,” Juliette claps back. “I’m the first option. I drop him.”

Chloe Trautman then calls out Jordana and Cara for being friends with Meghan. “You’re comfortable bringing someone around to start problems,” Chloe says. “That’s what you were really doing. You’re bringing around a girl to start problems.” Cara defends her decision to invite Meghan, who Juliette says is a “thirsty girl.”

cara geswelli
Cara Geswelli on the May 19 episode of ‘Siesta Key.’ (MTV)

“I’m sorry, Juliette, we can’t all, like, accommodate you being comfortable all the time,” Cara retorts. “It was my party.” Things get tense from there, with Juliette accusing Cara of “liking to see people miserable,” and Cara clapping back, “Can we maybe not make every single event about you?” The full episode airs on Thursday, May 19 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV!

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