Shocking Did a TikTok video leak the return of a dead Eternal character in the MCU know how | shocking: Did a TikTok video leak the return of a ‘dead’ Eternal character in the MCU? Learn – filmyzoo



marvel studios (Marvel Studios) Every film is amazing. Recently released movie ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ (Spiderman: No Way Home) It is a living example of this. Its films have rarely been heard by anyone till today that have been leaked. But a news is coming that will surprise you. Actually, one of its scenes was shot on Tiktok. (TikTok) While the Marvel Cinematic Universe usually keeps a close eye on spoilers and leaks and does not allow its things to be leaked at any cost, it has happened despite millions of efforts.

‘Eternals’ scene leaked on Tiktok

Last year’s Marvel multi-starrer Eternal, directed by Oscar winner Chloe Zhao, introduced viewers to the titular race for the Immortals. Towards the end of the film, the strongest Eternal Icaris, played through Richard Madden, overcomes guilt for betraying his comrades. It is shown that he killed himself by flying in the sun. The character of Ajak was played by Salma Hayek and Gilgamesh (Donnie Lee) was also killed in the film.

But according to multiple reports, a new TikTok video posted via a crew member’s sister suggests that Ikaris may be alive and will be back in the MCU soon. Amy Kennard, popularly known on social media as amitriggerzz, posted a video on TikTok which read, “When your brother is a stunt double and his next job is a character coming back to the MCU “

Ikaris will return to the MCU

Amy’s brother, Joe Kennard, is a stuntman who has been Richard Madden’s stunt double not only in the MCU but also in the upcoming Amazon series Citadel. Joe worked with Richard on ‘Eternal’ and has never acted as a stunt double for any other actor in the MCU. Therefore, many fans are linking Joe’s association with the caption of Ikaris and his sister, which means that Icaris will actually be back in the MCU. However, there is no official statement from the Marvel owners yet.

Last year, speaking at a press conference ahead of the release of ‘Eternal’, Richard talked about how it felt to play the powerful character. “I really loved it (Icaris in Eternal Play). I am often used to playing lovers, and to play someone who is such a soldier, but wholly inspired by love, all his decisions are driven by love and it is in reality what his fighting together.”

Priyanka Chopra to star in ‘Citadel’

Marvel hasn’t confirmed whether “Eternal” is getting a sequel, but given that Part 1 ended on that Harry cliffhanger, it’s pretty likely. However, there is no official date for this. In addition to Richard Madden, The Eternals also starred Gemma Chan, Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani and Donnie Lee. Richard Madden will next be seen in Amazon Prime Video’s sci-fi series ‘Citadel’, which will also feature Priyanka Chopra.

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