Sheejan will have counseling in jail, security will also be given, the court gave this order on hair cutting

Tunisha Sheezan Khan: Sheezan Khan has got a big relief from the Vasai court. The court has banned the cutting of his hair in jail for a month.

Sheezan Khan

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Tunisha Sharma Case: Tunisha Sharma His co-actor jailed in suicide case Sheezan Khan Has got a big relief from the Vasai court. The court has ordered the jail administration not to cut Sheejan’s hair in the jail for the next one month. Apart from this, the court has directed the jail administration to conduct counseling for Sheejan in the jail and also to ensure her safety.

Sheejan’s family had filed two applications in the court. A demand was made in the application that Sheejan is in depression, in such a situation, he can take any wrong step. That’s why he should be given protection. Apart from this, another application was filed for not cutting his hair. Sheejan’s lawyer told that the public prosecutor strongly opposed the demand of not getting haircut. However, the court banned Sheejan’s haircut for a month.

Bell hearing on January 7

Last week on Saturday, the court sent Sheejan Khan to judicial custody for 14 days. After the arrest, Sheejan had to remain in police remand for the first four days, then two days and then one day. In this case, hearing on Sheejan’s bail is now to be held on January 7.

Sheejan and Tunisha’s family face to face

In this case, the families of Tunisha Sharma and Sheejan Khan have also come face to face with each other. First, Tunisha’s mother made several allegations against Sheejan and his family. Later Sheejan’s family responded to all the allegations by holding a press conference and made many big claims. The family rejected the allegations like wearing hijab and love jihad.

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Let us tell you that on January 24, Tunisha Sharma committed suicide in the makeup room of the set of her TV serial. Tunisha and Sheejan were in a relationship with each other. However, Tunisha’s family claims that Sheejan cheated their daughter, after which she was upset and finally committed suicide.


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