Shama Sikander added a touch of boldness in a pink swimsuit, enjoying her vacation in Thailand, watch video


Once again, Shama Sikander has made people crazy with her hot look. These days Shama Sikander is holidaying abroad with her husband.

Shama Sikander

Image Credit source: Instagram

Actress Shama Sikander is a well-known face of the TV industry. Shama Sikander is in a lot of discussion due to her bold acts. Fans of his looks are convinced. tv actress Shama Sikander She is also very active on her social media. She shares a lot of pictures and videos on her social media. However, these days she is enjoying her vacation period. Shama Sikander is celebrating holidays with her husband abroad. Recently she has shared her very bold look.

Shama Sikander celebrating vacation in Thailand

Shama Sikander, who has often made headlines for her boldness, is currently holidaying in Thailand with her husband. Fans also die on their style. Shama may not have earned much name in acting but she has attracted everyone with her looks and fashion sense. Now Shama Sikander has posted a new video on Instagram. She is seen walking in the middle in a dark pink swimsuit. Her videos are from Thailand, where she is enjoying her vacation with her husband. Watch his video…

seen in pink swimsuit

Perhaps even the fans do not know that Shama Sikander has turned 40 years old. Even after this, his bold avatar is seen. In the recently shared video, Shama Sikander is seen wearing a pink dress. But she wore a pink monokini and headed towards the middle. Her style is looking very hot in this pink swimsuit. Many fans are also commenting on this video of him. Seeing her this video became viral. Everyone has become crazy about this style of Shama.

Shama Sikander active on social media

Let us tell you that Shama Sikander is very active on her social media. Be aware that Shama Sikander has not been a part of TV or film for a long time. However, despite this, there is no shortage in his pan following. There are 2.8 million followers on Instagram. She keeps sharing her bold photos and videos with fans.

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