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R. Madhavan, The Kashmir Files

In Indian cinema The Kashmir Files Cinema has created a new jam. Released on March 11th, the film made many records in less than a week. Beat the box office of some of the biggest stars of Bollywood at the box office ‘The Kashmir Files’ The film is sounding. On the first day, this movie is just Rs 3.5 crore collection (The Kashmir Files Box Office Collection)Had done. But at the end of the sixth day, the cinema’s profit is Rs 79 crore. This development is truly astonishing. Released without much publicity, the film was later promoted. The audience reacts emotionally after watching the movie. Because of all these factors, the film is dusting off. Actor who found the collection of ‘The Kashmir Files’ R. R Madhavan He nodded appreciatively. His tweet about this is going viral.

‘It was amazing and unprecedented. So it is very stomachic. Similarly pride is also becoming. I am happy to see The Kashmir Files team win, ”R. Madhavan tweeted. Last week, they shared the trailer of the movie. That was good for the film crew. Madhavan said that he was surprised by the response from the people.

The first day of ‘The Kashmir Files’ cinema, on 11th March, was only Rs 3.55 crore. At the time, everyone thought that the film was lost amidst the rivalry of ‘Radhe Shyam’. On the second day, The Kashmir Files’ earnings soared due to good response from the public. On May 12, the film grossed Rs 8.50 crore. The film has collected a total of Rs 79 crore on the 3rd day, Rs 15.10 crores, 4th day Rs 15.05 crores, 5th day 18 crores and 6th day Rs 19.05 crores. This amount would be even higher if foreign box office revenues were added.

‘The Kashmir Files’ is directed by Vivek Agnihotri. Abhishek Agar has produced the wall. The film stars Anupam Kher, Darshan Kumar, Pallavi Joshi, Vithun Chakravarthy, Puneet Issar and Prakash Belvadi. Everyone’s acting is appreciated by people. Many politicians, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Karnataka CM Basavaraja Bommai, refer to ‘The Kashmir Files’ as Shahabash.

The film is tax-deductible in many states. This is a plus point for the film. It is sure to be Rs 100 crore soon. Even though the curtain is 6 days old, there is still a lot of house shows on this day.

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