Sara Ali Khan’s Recent Chocolatey Indulgence May Make You Drool


Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of hot chocolate? You’ll keep wanting more since it’s so delicious and creamy. Sara Ali Khan seems to agree with us. Being a self-confessed foodie, Sara Ali Khan doesn’t miss a single opportunity to take her tastebuds on a ride. Now, she shared a photo of her recent indulgence on Instagram, and it was enough to make us slurp. Sara enjoyed a cup of what looked like hot chocolate. Alongside, we could see a jug filled with the same beverage. The location seemed to be a popular French-style bakery called Laduree. She just added a sticker that read, “So cozy”, and we could totally relate. Take a look:

Making the perfect cup of hot chocolate isn’t difficult at all. All you’d need is milk and chocolate powder. For starters, you can try making the most basic hot chocolate. You can also add a few spices like cardamom pods, cloves and cinnamon sticks to make a cup of masala hot chocolate. However, if the regular hot chocolates bore you, try making this ‘Spiked Hot Chocolate‘ that includes liqueurs such as Kahlua, Baileys Irish cream and Triple sec. This is a gorgeous drink to enjoy whenever you’re craving some hot chocolate.


Hot chocolate is all about creamy and comforting indulgence.

Coming back to Sara Ali Khan, a couple of days ago, shared a glimpse of her food diaries from London. She dropped a nice collage of her indulgences in a single frame. Her super-delicious 12-course meal included fried chicken, dimsums, kimchi, tempura fries, kimchi rice, pickled cucumber and much more. And you were wrong if you thought she enjoyed it all alone. Sara shared the scrumptious meal with her mother, veteran actress Amrita Singh. Truly thrilled by the lavish spread, Sara wrote, “12 course meal with Mommy/ Leaving fatty in my Tommy.”

Sara has been quite consistent in treating herself to good food since her first day in London. She kickstarted her vacation with a grand meal that included dimsums, fried rice and chicken among other dishes. She captioned the post, “In the mood for food,” and added “yummy” and “so full” stickers alongside.

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