On stage, Joe Biden mentioned another errant, dead member by name and said, ‘They’re nowhere to be found’!


Jackie Walorski and two of her congressional staffers died in a fatal crash in northern Indiana in August.

US President Joe Biden

Washington: It seems that US President Joe Biden is getting a little too much, Marai. His forgetfulness, uttering incoherent words, rioting on platforms – we keep reporting incidents. Speaking at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health on Wednesday, the president mentioned Republican Congresswoman Jackie Worloski by name and asked where she was, not appearing at the conference. You know what’s real? Jackie Walorski died in a car accident in August!

In an introductory speech on the topic at the conference, Biden, after outlining his administration’s steps to end hunger in America by 2030, thanked everyone in attendance and praised the work Walorski and other members have done on the issue of hunger.

Then Biden said, ‘Jackie, are you here? Where is Jackie, he doesn’t appear, I wonder if he hasn’t come,’ he said!

Jackie Walorski and two of her congressional staffers died in a fatal crash in northern Indiana in August.

Walorski was first elected to the US Senate in 2012 and served as co-chair of the House Hunger Caucus Committee. According to sources, a tribute was paid to him in the conference by displaying his work through video.

Biden, who will turn 80 years old in November, has been repeatedly making such mistakes in public events and is being criticized by his own party members. Questions are being raised about his mental health. Biden has said he will seek re-election in 2024.

Biden released a statement in August about Worlowski’s death. ‘His death has deeply shocked and saddened me and my wife, Jill Biden,’ he said, praising his efforts in organizing the hunger conference.

When asked by the media about the blunder by the President, White House Press Secretary Kerin Jean-Pierre said, ‘The President was thinking about Worlowski at the time, because his contribution to making this conference happen was enormous.’

“I don’t think it’s unnatural to think too much of a person,” said Jean Peery, who said Americans understand why Biden was thinking about Worlowski.

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