‘Now, We Avoid Eating Biryani And Other Rice Dishes’: Sarfaraz Khan Reveals Improving His Fitness After Chat with Virat Kohli


The Ranji Trophy 2022 saw many outstanding achievements from athletes all throughout the nation, but Mumbai Sarfaraz Khan stood out as a special talent. He has frequently dazzled spectators in the Indian Premier League (IPL), but this year he made sure that his hitting abilities in the longest format were also recognised. 

Sarfaraz had a strong finish to the 2022 campaign, scoring 982 runs in just nine innings while averaging an astounding 122.75. He scored 93 boundaries and 19 sixes during the competition. Additionally, he scored four centuries, which is second-most this season, including the one in the championship game versus Madhya Pradesh. 

Sarfaraz Khan. Image: Twitter

I Play In The Hope That I Get Better Every Day: Sarfaraz Khan

Mumbai, a squad that has won the championship 41 times, may not have won the match, but the 24-year-old has undoubtedly made a lasting impression on Indian selectors. Sunil Gavaskar, a Mumbai great and former India captain, even stated that he wouldn’t be shocked if Sarfaraz were to join the Indian Test team. 

In a discussion with The Indian Express, the child expressed his shock at hearing how highly Gavaskar thought of him. But for himself, he places more importance on the procedure than on his prospects of playing for his nation. 

Sunil Gavaskar, Sarfaraz Khan (Image Credits: twitter)
Sunil Gavaskar, Sarfaraz Khan (Image Credits: Twitter)

“It’s a matter of great honour that he thinks so highly of me. If you go to any cricket ground and ask any child practising there what his ultimate goal is, his answer would be that he wants to play for India. I also have the same dream. But my Abbu says, ‘trust the process’.

I play in the hope that I get better every day. This is my passion; this is what I have always wanted to do, and I never want to come out of this zone. When it will be in my luck, I will play for India,” Sarfaraz was quoted as saying. 

Sarfaraz Khan Getting Disciplined About His Health

When people talk about Sarfaraz, fitness has always come up. Although he is an exceptional cricket ball striker, fitness is also something that should not be taken for granted. 

When the young man was a member of Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2015–16, he disclosed that even Virat Kohli had once spoken to him on the subject. Sarfaraz promised to take his commitment to “health and fitness” more seriously. 

Sarfaraz Khan And Virat Kohli ( Image Credits: Twitter)
Sarfaraz Khan And Virat Kohli ( Image Credits: Twitter)

“When I played IPL in 2015-16, my fitness level was not good, and Virat Kohli had also told me that. After that, I improved my fitness, but I again put on weight. But in the last two years, I have been very disciplined about my health.

Everyone’s body is different, but it should not affect my game. For the last eight years, I have been in the IPL and clearing fitness tests. In my off-season also, I will pay attention to my health and fitness. 

“When we were not informed about diet practices, we used to eat anything. But now, we are strict about our diet. In our house, we used to have non-vegetarian food every day. However, now we avoid eating biryani and other rice dishes. We either eat it on Sundays or on other occasions,” he concluded. 

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