Need to Address Regional Imbalance, Says PM Modi While Launching 11 Medical Colleges in Tamil Nadu


There is a need to address the regional imbalance, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he launched 11 medical colleges across Tamil Nadu. The medical colleges were launched under the scheme  ‘Establishing of New Medical Colleges attached with existing district/referral hospital’ – which is aimed at establishing medical colleges in districts, which do not have either a government or private medical college.

“This would be the first time that 11 medical colleges are being inaugurated at one stock located in any one state. Just a few days back, I had inaugurated nine medical colleges at the same time in UP. I am getting to break my own record.” said Modi.

The new medical colleges alone will add 1450 more seats for MBBS aspirants. Tamil Nadu already has 27 government medical colleges which constitute of a total of 5125 medical seats.

“Medical education is one of the most desirable streams of study”, said Prime Minister Modi in his virtual address claiming that the problem of shortage of doctors in India has been addressed under his leadership. He said that the previous governments did not resolve the issue due to “vested interests”.

In 2014, our country had 380 medical colleges, in the last seven years, the number has gone up to 596 medical colleges, an increase of 54 per cent, said Modi adding in 2014, our country had around 82000 medical undergraduate and postgraduate seats. In the last seven years, this number has gone up to around 1.48 lakh. This is an increase of about 80 per cent.

PM pledged to contribute Rs 3000 crore to Tamil Nadu over the period of five years to provide health centres, critical care blocks across the states.

“In the coming year, I envision India as being the destination for quality and affordable care, India has everything needed to be a hub to become medical tourism. I say this based on the skills of our doctors,” said Modi.

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