National Road Safety Week 2022: Road Safety Rules and Guidelines in India

Over one lakh, fifty thousand people die each year in India from such accidents. Last year, that figure got reduced to 1,33,201, because of Covid-19 related lockdowns and restrictions. Road accidents are entirely avoidable if people observe the key road safety rules. Mentioned below are some of the key road safety rules and guidelines in India.

1. Keep to the left: Keep to your left in a two-way lane; whether during departure or arrival. When turning right, arrive at the centre of the road and then move to the left of the lane you enter.

2. Crossing rules: At road intersections or while turning corners, you should slow down. Wait until there is no moving traffic and do not obstruct an oncoming vehicle.

3. Overtaking: Allow other vehicles to overtake you from the right and do not increase your speed to prevent being overtaken. While overtaking, be on the right side of other vehicles.

4. Maintain distance: Adequate distance must be maintained between two vehicles to prevent a collision. This can happen if the vehicle on the front suddenly slows down or stops without warning.

5. Gestures, horn and signals: Extend your right hand palm to the front while turning right and rotate your right arm anti-clockwise when going left. Swing your right arm up and down for slowing down. Use indicators in your vehicles, obey traffic signals and do not use horns in silence zones.

6. Protective gears: Seat belts must be worn by drivers and passengers in four-wheel vehicles, to prevent or reduce the severity of accidents for drivers. For two-wheelers, riders should use ISI certified helmets.

7. Mobile phones: Do not use mobile phones while driving as it can lead to fatalities. Keep your eye pinned to the road ahead.

8. Drinking: Like mobile phone, drinking while driving should be avoided. Alcoholic beverages reduce our ability to focus.

9. Illness: Do not drive if you are unwell or under a medication that impairs your driving.

10. Zebra Crossing: Wait till the traffic is clear and use the alternating black and white painted strips on the road when you cross a road by foot.

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