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Neelamma Kadambi and N. S. The statue of Sridhara

Music Director | Music Director: MV Neelamma Kadambi was born on July 7, 1911, in a high school in Mandya district. Father Venkatacharya was a Veena scholar. After his retirement as a police officer, he served on the Governing Body of the Canopy Temple. Her mother Gauramma and her home are also experts in veena. Anna Srinivasa Iyengar Music Scholars. Neelamma got his first musical training from his father and older brother. After practicing in Vidwan Laxminarayanappa, Veena Venkatagirippa, Mysore Vasudevacharya, Pitilu Chaudayya and V. Ramaratnam, he specialized in veenaism. Neelamma was mainly supported by her husband.
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(Part 2)

Neelamma’s husband Kadambi Krishna Iyengar is a well known lawyer in Nanjangud. After a few years he settled down in Mysore, hoping that his wife’s musical achievement would benefit. He encouraged his wife to make an achievement in the music industry. Neelamma also benefited. Neelamma Kadambi is the first woman to give a public concert in Mysore. Neelamma was also experimenting with Hindustani pots even though he was conducting a concert in Karnataka.

He was known for his chakravaka, abhayri and swanshani tunes. They were creating unique tones in their veinism. Neelamma had received many honors from the Maharaja who had given many offices at the Mysore Palace. When his concert was held in Delhi, the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and President S. Radhakrishnan were present. The Columbia Company brought their harmonic and vocal gramophone plates, which were very popular at the time. Neelammana also provided background vocals for ‘Bhakta Ramadasa’ and ‘Naga Kannika’ and had composed music for ‘Sati Tulsi’. There was also a scene of his heroism in the film.

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His concert was held in 1956 in a program of unified Mysore. The first woman to receive this honor was Neelamma, who was the President of the Karnataka Gana Kala Parishad in 1972. He was also honored with ‘Ganana Kalabhushanam’. Karnataka Music Academy honored him in 1987-88. TVS Group honored Neelammana with ‘Balakesari’ honors Neelamma moved away from cinema as she became more and more accomplished in classical music. This was also due to the fact that Kannada cinema was more of a Madras mukhi. Nilamma, who produced many talented disciples, died on December 14, 1998 at the KR Hospital in Mysore.

There are records of Neelamma Kadambi in the music industry. But the fact that she is the first music director of Kannada must be recorded. The work of commemoration is also required for their contribution to survive.


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