Mukesh Ambani’s Grandson Prithvi Receives Teddy Bear-Themed Treats On First Birthday


Birthdays in Mukesh Ambani’s family are a grand affair, especially for foodies. On December 10, 2021, Ambani’s grandson Prithvi turned one, and the centre of attraction of the birthday celebrations was a delicious cake. Prithvi, the son of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta, had a teddy bear-themed cake for his first birthday. In the photos shared on social media, we see the cake, addressed to ‘Prince Prithvi’, covered in white fondant and decorated with blue and gold starry embellishments. On top of the cake is a teddy bear figurine with a tiny golden crown. Two more teddy bear models lie scattered around the cake.

One of Akash Ambani’s fan pages shared photos and a video of Prithvi’s birthday cake. We also notice embellishments in the shape of clouds, balloons, and floating stars decorated on the cake.

Take a look:

That isn’t all. Other delicacies at the party were also styled with the same theme in mind. Delicious-looking muffins and chocolatey brownies were topped with blue and white doily-styled layers. Some muffins featured a “Happy Birthday Prithvi” note, some had the baby’s initials on them while others featured cute brown teddy bear structures on top.

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Thin biscuits were decorated with elements of teddy bear faces, golden crowns and Prithvi’s name. Some also had “Little Prince” written on them. Chocolate lollipops were designed in the form of cute teddy bear heads. Some dessert bars followed the same theme and featured edible teddy bears with blue ribbons and golden crowns.

The digit “1” was inscribed on some muffins and dessert items to mark the baby’s first birthday.

The party also featured some “Prince Prithvi” themed return gifts. Again, blue and white patterns, ribbons and laces adorned the packets. The golden crown embellishments also accompanied the beautifully wrapped packets.

Prithvi is the first child of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta, who got married on March 9, 2019. The couple welcomed Prithvi on December 10, 2020. On the baby’s first birthday in 2021, the Ambanis organised a grand party for him.

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