Meghana Raj: Chirun, Meghana-like Rayan; How? The actress described through a special video | Meghana Raj shares cute video and a note of Raayan Raj Sarja with neighbor kids watch – filmyzoo


Rayan Sarja playing with children at home (left), Chiru-Meghna and Rayan (right)

Selfie Mummy Google Daddy | Raayan Raj Sarja: ‘Leave the mobile and come to the ground’ The actress shared the idea via a special video of her playing Rajan Raj Sarja.

Multilingual actress Meghana Raj Sarja has recently returned to the film industry. In the midst of his film career, he prominently included his son, Rajan Raj Sarja (Raayan Raj Sarja) With a special focus on growth. The actress, who is active on social networking sites, is sharing videos of roy goblins. Meghna will also share the memories of Chiranjeevi Sarja. Meghana has now shared a new video. The actress, who remembers Chiru and her childhood memories, also described how Ryan is growing up now. The actress, who shares a video with Rayan playing with the boys around the house, has called for a ‘come to mobile playground’.

The post was shared on Meghana Raj’s Instagram, where she wrote many ideas. The actress also recalled how the children grew up in the past in addition to calling her ‘mobile drop’. His own example, Meghana, said, “Just as I and Chiru grew up, Ryan was playing with our area children and encouraging them to grow up.”

“I agree that he should spend time with cartoons at a young age,” said Meghana, “but we are looking at Ryan growing older. That means playing with the children around him and growing up with his own age group. ” The actress posted a hashtag called ‘Selfie Mummy Google Daddy’ for this post.

Here is a video shared by Meghana Raj:

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Meghana Raj has also proposed the ‘Selfie Mummy Google Daddy’ issue. The film premiered on May 13. The film has caught the attention of parents who have had an impact on their mobile obsession with children. Meghana and Sreejan Lokesh starred in it. Meghana mentioned the theme of the film in her post. Fans have appreciated Meghana’s concern.

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