Man narrates his grandpa’s love story in now-viral Twitter thread. It’s heartwarming


Pride Month is here and a plethora of heartwarming stories are being shared by people in that regard. We would also like to add this touching story to the list and we are sure that it will leave you with a fuzzy feeling inside. So, a Twitter user named Sama’an Ashrawi shared the story of his grandfather and his love story in a thread that has gone viral online. You should definitely check it out as it is too good to miss out on.

Sama’an Ashrawi narrated his grandfather Dave Fisher’s love story with a boy named John Kander. Actually, Kander is a popular American composer who wrote Cabaret and Chicago, two of the greatest Broadway musicals of all-time. Ashrawi informed that his grandfather had met John in his freshman year. Sama’an’s mother was the one who told him all about his grandfather’s sweet love story. “My grandpa Dave told me he was sure he was gay when he was moving into his dorm room in freshman year of college and there was a boy ‘with the prettiest eyes’. After grandpa passed, I learned from my mother who that boy was,” he began the thread.

“His name was John Kander. After college, John, along with his partner Fred Ebb, would go on to compose two of the greatest Broadway musicals of all-time,” Ashrawi added.

Sama’an also informed that John along with his partner Fred Ebb wrote the theme song for a 1977 Scorsese film called ‘New York, New York’, originally sung by Liza Minnelli and Frank Sinatra.

During the pandemic, Sama’an also found out that John had actually written a song for his grandpa titled ‘Our Boy’ in 1951. He was desperate to meet Kander after that and luckily got in touch with one of the artist’s relatives.

Upon meeting John, Sama’an got to know that Our Boy was not just a song but a whole one-act musical that he wrote at the age of 22. Kander also wanted Ashrawi’s grandpa to be the lead.

John also shared a few pictures of Dave from his early days. Sama’an, along with his family, met John in person in New York. The composer is 95.

John also opened about his relationship with Dave. “We were honest with each other,” John told us. “Not in terms of not lying, but honest about who we were and who we were becoming. (Your grandfather) was a great gift to me,” he said.

So sweet, no? Well, netizens thought so too and showered love on John and Dave’s heartwarming love story.

“I love this thread so much. Thank you for sharing,” a user wrote.

Another user commented, “Incredible, almost magical.”

See the comments here:

Delightful, isn’t it?

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