Kirti Kulhari Is Gushing Over This Delicious “Desi Nashtaa”


Summer days are all about living the simple pleasures of life. Be it chomping on the season’s favourite aamras and aam panna at home or sharing ice cream with friends, this season makes us happy, and nostalgic while also giving us an opportunity to sit back and enjoy light comfort foods. Seems like Kirti Kulhari feels the same. She is a sucker for desi meals and enjoys them wholeheartedly. She has shared a snapshot of her “desi naashta” and left us craving the same. On her breakfast platter, we saw roti topped with dollops of makkhan. With that, there’s a sumptuous dry bitter gourd curry. To add that extra zest to the meal, we could see a small portion of aam pickle. Her meal platter also featured sliced onions. We could also spot a preparation of curd in a bowl. She just added the hashtag “Desi nashtaa,” with a star eyes emoji.        

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Take a look:

Kirti Kulhari’s lunch

If you also feel hungry and wish to stick to light meals this season, we have curated a list of five meals or dishes that you can cook for yourself. Refer to the recipes below and treat yourself to some comfort food and Kirti.

1)Palak dal khichdi

Nothing tastes better than khichdi when you want to have a tasty meal that’s also light on the stomach. Hot summer days call for something healthy, drool-worthy and easily digestible and khichdi is one of the best options to look for. Palak dal khichdi is a flavourful combination of spinach and dal cooked into a pool of spices lending it a heavenly taste. Pair it up with pickles and your summer meal is ready.  

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2) Besan kadhi and rice

After khichdi, a lip-smacking besan kadhi is the next best thing to have for meals in summer. Usually relished with white steamed rice, this super tempting kadhi chawal combination is best found in Indian households. Fried chickpea pakodas go into the scrumptious kadhi making it all the more appetising. Now, if this made you miss kadhi, do prepare it at home.   

3) Panchratna dal and rice

If you want to avoid gravy-rich or spicy curries and go for something like dal and chawal, this should be your go-to recipe. Panchratna dal carries a blend of about five varieties of dal including whole urad dal, chana dal, moong dal, masoor dal and tur dal. You really don’t need anything else when you are ready to enjoy this yummy dal and rice.

4) Curd rice

This is a hit recipe savoured by a majority of people residing in the southern part of the country. Curd rice is one wholesome dish that’s tasty and filling. It carries a blend of white steamed rice and plain curd tempered with urad dal, mustard seeds, chillis, and coriander leaves. Also, curd rice hardly takes about fifteen minutes to get ready.    

5) Aamras and roti

The summer season is all about enjoying juicy mangoes that tantalise the tastebuds. If you love aamras, have it with roti and pooris (deep-fried bread), based on your liking for a great meal. This is the only time when you get to enjoy mangoes and other desserts made out of it. So, why wait for long? Just head to your kitchen and rustle up some aamras and roti for yourself.  

Hope you enjoy good food and remain healthy.  

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