Kanpur Hostel Girl Students Allege Staff Filmed Them Secretly While Bathing


Kanpur: Girl students of a hostel alleged an employee took their videos secretly


Girl students of a hostel in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur have alleged an employee at their building took videos of them while they were taking bath.

A group of girls came to the local police station and protested over alleged inaction despite filing a complaint.

The incident has parallels to the Chandigarh University controversy just weeks ago, when a video from a girls’ hostel was leaked, sparking massive protests by students.

In the Kanpur incident, students of Sai Niwas Girls’ Hostel alleged they found obscene videos in the employee’s mobile phone, particularly of girl students taking bath.

The students alleged the employee shot the videos from the skylight of the hostel building.

“We have filed a complaint,” a student told reporters outside the police station.

The employee has been arrested and a case has been filed, the police told reporters. The mobile phone has been sent for forensic analysis, they said.

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