James Cameron’s Titanic to return to big screens in 4K 3D

By Express News Service

James Cameron’s classic and iconic film Titanic is set to have a re-release and will be back on big screens on February 10, a few days before Valentine’s Day. The film’s re-release will be coinciding to mark 25 years since it first hit the big screens in 1997.

The makers also released a new poster and trailer of Titanic, while making the announcement. Titanic will be available in the re-mastered, 3D version.

Titanic is set predominantly in a vessel named Titanic, and follows the tragedy story of two star-crossed lovers, Jack and Ross. As they come from different socio-economic backdrop, they meet when Jack earns a ticket into the vessel and thwarts Ross’ suicide attempts.

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Love blossom between the two, but they are not only challenged by Ross’ family but also the sinking ship, which leaves them stranded between the ocean and their fates. The film is inspired from the RMS Titanic shipwreck.

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