Indian Cough Syrup: WHO recommends not to use 2 Indian cough syrups in Uzbekistan

WHO recommends not to use 2 cough syrups from India in Uzbekistan. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended that two cough syrups manufactured by Noida-based company Marian Biotech should not be used in children in Uzbekistan.

Cough syrup

UzbekistanWHO recommends not to use 2 cough syrups from India. Two cough syrups made by Noida-based company Marian Biotech should not be used on children in Uzbekistan World Health Organization (WHO) recommended. The World Health Organization issued a medical product warning saying that quality medical products manufactured by Merion Biotech are products that fail to meet quality standards or specifications and are therefore out of specification.

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18 children have lost their lives in Uzbekistan after an incident in Gambia where children died after drinking cough medicine manufactured by an Indian-based pharmaceutical company. Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Health has claimed that 18 children have died in the country after consuming drugs manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company. Uzbekistan’s health ministry said 18 children died of acute respiratory illness after drinking cough syrup made by Noida-based Marian Biotech.

Doc-1 Max is a drug
Doc-1 Max medicine is given to children with respiratory problems. This medicine is manufactured in India. 21 children were admitted to the hospital after giving the medicine, out of which 18 children died. Children who died before being admitted to the hospital were given this medicine 3-4 times a day for 2 to 7 days at home.

Marion’s website
Marion Biotech’s website states that Doc-1 Max tablets are indicated for cough, stuffy nose, sore throat, sinusitis, headache, body-ache and fever.

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