Hilarious Video: Gordon Ramsay Reacts To Chef Making Stuffed Italian Meat


There are people who are easily impressed with any food they are served, and there are others who will find things to critique in every dish. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay definitely falls in the second category. The chef is known for his honest and no-holds-barred reviews of recipes around the internet. Also known as ‘Gordon Roasts’, these hilarious videos are eagerly awaited by the chef’s fan following of 13.8 million on Instagram. So, when Gordon Ramsay reviewed a chef’s Italian roast meat and was surprisingly impressed by it – the internet sat up and took notice.

The video of the chef Matt Lambert was shared on Gordon Ramsay’s official handle @gordongram. The Reels clip has already received 3.1 million views and 186k likes in a span of one day. “That’s a lot of meat for a Tuesday,” joked chef in the caption.

Take a look at the full video here:

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In the clip, chef Matt Lambert was making a Porchetta, which is basically roasted stuffed pork from Italy. The chef demonstrated the cooking of the meat in the video, starting with a layer of pork belly stuffed with more pork inside it. “50 shades of pork,” exclaimed Gordon in the video. Then, he added some cloves of garlic and a few basil leaves inside it and rolled the meat up. Ramsay was clearly excited about this and he said, “This is going to be massive!” Chef Gordon Ramsay also complimented the spice rub and how crisp the Porchetta turned out to be.

Gordon Ramsay’s followers were left impressed with the video and shared their reactions to it in the comments section. “When Gordon actually likes it and doesn’t roast it. Probably one of the best feelings in the universe,” wrote one user. “The way his eyes lit up when he saw it was juicy,” laughed another user. Several others also praised chef Lambert for acing Gordon Ramsay’s harsh criticism.

What did you think of the video reaction shared by Gordon Ramsay? Tell us in the comments below.

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