Felt emotional while applying sindoor, says Gujarat woman who married herself


Kshama Bindu, the Gujarat woman who married herself, said she felt very emotional while applying sindoor during her wedding.

Gujarat woman, Kshama Bindu, married herself in India’s first ever ‘sologamy’.

Gujarat’s Kshama Bindu, who married herself in India’s first ‘sologamy’ on Wednesday, shared her experience and said it was an emotional moment for her. “I applied sindoor (vermilion), put on mangalsutra and garland, it was a very emotional moment for me,” said Bindu.

After the wedding, Kshama Bindu said, “From my childhood I had a lot of dreams about becoming a dulhan (bride). The venue and date for the wedding was set for June 11. However, the priest backed out at the last moment.”


Kshama Bindu said she decided to shift her wedding date and venue and hold it at her house as there could have been issues at the temple. “We had good bluetooth speakers with us. All the mantras and slokas were played on bluetooth speakers without a priest.”

Bindu also said the wedding started with a Laxmi and Ganesh puja. She added that she also made the playlist for her haldi ceremony.

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Bindu said only eight of her friends could attend her wedding after she moved the dates. She also said she made the hawan kund with her friends as the priest was absent.

Speaking about the ritual, Bindu said, “For the saat phere (seven circles around a sacred fire), I made seven promises to myself. These are the seven promises which I will abide by.”

“The moment when I applied the sindoor and put on the mangalsutra and garland was a special moment. It was very emotional and I am extremely happy after the wedding,” she added.

Speaking about her decision to get married to herself, she said, “I have seen so many gender biases. For example, if a guest comes to the house, ladies will be in the kitchen preparing snacks while the men sit in the hall and enjoy themselves. This should not happen.”

Kshama Bindu is also planning a honeymoon.

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