Exclusive: Shashi Tharoor Says “Not G-23 (Congress President) Candidate”


Shashi Tharoor said he didn’t think “there’s an organisation called the G-23 beyond media imagination.”

New Delhi:

Shashi Tharoor, who will run for Congress president, says Sonia Gandhi told him “you are most welcome to contest” and said there would be no “official candidate” as her family would stay neutral.

The Congress MP also asserted that he is not the G-23 candidate for the election, the party’s first in over 20 years.

On not specifically consulting with the “G-23” or the group of dissenters who wrote to Sonia Gandhi in 2020 calling for a massive overhaul in the party, Mr Tharoor said: “I didn’t feel need to speak to colleagues beyond their individual capacity. I don’t think there’s an organisation called the G-23 beyond media imagination.”

He added: “I need the backing of 9,000 people, not 23. I am not the candidate of the G-23.”

Mr Tharoor said when he met with Sonia Gandhi to inform her about wanting to contest, she didn’t try to dissuade him at all.

“On the contrary, she said exactly the opposite. She said ‘we believe the elections are good for the party. If you want to contest, you are most welcome’,” Mr Tharoor told NDTV.

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