Enjoy Your Monsoon Tea With These 5 Healthy Pakoras (Recipes Inside)


With the monsoon in full swing, it’s time to bring out some staples for the season. Chai-pakora remains the all-time favourite. The rains are enough to bring out a craving for this delicious combination. While this evening snack has little to no haters, one cannot deny that fried food when consumed too regularly can wreak havoc on both health and our waistline. This season, indulge happily in a platter of pakoras with a simple twist — instead of deep frying, consider baking or air frying the delicious snack. You may be of the belief that fried food tastes the best only when it is deeply fried, but it isn’t true for pakoras.

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Another way you can give a healthy spin to the Indian household’s favourite snack is by replacing the onions and potatoes with some vegetables and other nutritious ingredients. We agree there can be nothing better than dipping the onion pakoras in green chutney and relishing the taste with a cup of hot tea. But try out these recipes wherein we have used green vegetables like spinach, or protein-loaded chicken. Not to forget the out-of-the-box recipe for flower pakoras.

1) Palak Pakora

Making your children eat spinach is quite a task for parents. Here is a substitute to make your child eat healthy spinach. Palak pakoras are delicious fritters made of spinach leaves, gram flour, and spices. This is a great way to give a delicious spin to the boring spinach.

2) Chicken Pakora

Craving for chicken popcorns or fried chicken pieces, get into your kitchen and follow this recipe to make yummy chicken pakoras. Chicken pakoras with a crispy brown coating and soft, juicy chicken within are a delight.

3) Flower Pakora

Moringa, Zucchini and Kachnar flower coated in a spicy besan batter, fried thoroughly will result in a healthy and yummy platter of pakoras. Once fried, serve it with a dash of chaat masala and your favourite dips.

4) Vegetable Pakora

A mix of fresh veggies like carrot, potato, onion and capsicum bound together with a spicy batter and fried will give you everything yummy. Tossed with chat masala, serve the vegetable pakoras with mint chutney.


5) Cauliflower Pakora

In this recipe, cauliflowers will be accompanied by cashews to give you delicious and nutritious pakoras. A balance of sweet and savoury at its very best. Bring out these delicious treats during tea time.

You can also use vegetables like sweet potatoes, broccoli and asparagus to make healthy pakoras. Dip them into a spicy batter and fry until golden brown.

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