“Enjoy The Day,” Says Man Who Will Lead Noida Towers Demolition: 10 Facts


New Delhi:
Supertech’s twin towers — Apex and Ceyane — are set to be demolished on Sunday afternoon in Noida after a Supreme Court ruling last year found the structures were built unlawfully in collusion with local authorities.

  1. The crew in charge of the knockdown, Joe Brinkman, has assured “complete safety” of residents when the demolition of Supertech twin towers takes place. “It’s a beautiful feat of engineering. Just pack your bags and enjoy the day,” news agency AFP quoted him as saying. 

  2. Over 5,000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village – the two closest societies to the twin towers – will be evacuated by 7 am on Sunday. Around 2,700 vehicles belonging to them will also be removed from the premises and the residents will take away around 150-200 of their pets too. 

  3. At least 3,700 kilograms of explosives have been installed to demolish the structures. Traffic planning and other arrangements are in place, officials have said.

  4. An exclusion zone will be created at a radius of up to 500 metres around the twin towers where no human or animal will be allowed, except for a team of blasters engaged in the demolition of the nearly 100-metre-tall structures.

  5. Besides the government-run facilities, three private hospitals are also readying themselves to accommodate patients in case of any untoward incident, the officials added.

  6. The razing of the twin towers is expected to leave behind 35,000 cubic metres of debris. While a large part of it will be accommodated in the basement of the building itself, the rest will be processed scientifically in an isolated location within Noida.

  7. Taller than Delhi’s iconic Qutub Minar, the Apex and Ceyane towers will be demolished in pursuance of a Supreme Court order that found that structures had come up in Supertech’s Emerald Court society premises in violation of norms.

  8. The court had ordered that the company shall carry out the demolition at its own expense under the supervision of the Noida Authority and an expert body like the Central Building Research Institute.

  9. The exercise was supposed to start on August 21 but the court accepted the Noida Authority’s request and extended the date of the demolition to August 28.

  10. Lawyer Jayant Bhushan, who represented the complainants in the case against Supertech, said builders must follow rules to win back the trust of home-buyers. “Unless builders follow rules, it will be hapless buyers who will end up burning their fingers again and again,” he said. 

(With inputs from agencies)

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