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Silver (typical image)

Silver is such a metal that its luster begins to fade over time. Various kinds of jewelry, utensils, idols, etc. are made of silver. But the biggest drawback to silver is that it is fine as long as you use it. If you keep it for a while, gradually it will start to turn black. However, silver does not deteriorate or lose its value. It is the result of dirt and dust. But when it is not in a position to use the darkest silverware, it must be cleaned again. If any silver jewelry or material in your home turns black, you do not have to go to a cleaner to clean it. The silver glow can be enhanced by some easy method at home.

Ways of polishing silver

1. Pour white vinegar into hot water and add salt to it. Put the silverware in it and leave it for about half an hour. Then the dirt accumulated on the silver comes out easily. Clean with an unused toothbrush after a while. Silver shines once in a while.

2. Silver objects can also be polished with toothpaste and tooth powder. But it only works with white Colgate toothpaste and tooth powder. Take this powder or paste in the brush, rub the silver and use hot water in the center. In a short time the silver begins to shine.

3. Put a tablespoon of hot soda into the hot water and place the silverware in it. Rub well after half an hour. The silver is pure. If you use foil paper to rub, you will get a good shine.

4. Hand sanitizer from every Corona period is present in every home. It can also be used to polish silver. For this, you need to extract a little spray sanitizer in a container. Put silver in it. After half an hour, the scrub again dipped in the sanitizer. Rinse it off with warm water after a while. This makes the silver shine.

5. If the silver is not too dark, add a little salt to the lemon juice and clean it too. In addition, apply detergent to hot water and keep the silver in it. Rub it after that. After a while the silver becomes clear.

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