Cooking Trends That Would Be Revolting In Future – Reddit Users Discuss

In the age of social media, we often spot certain food trends or recipes that take the internet by storm. Whether it’s rainbow-coloured food or hyperreal cakes, there are so many dishes that pique the internet’s curiosity and simultaneously clock in millions of views. While we do enjoy cooking and trying new dishes that are going viral online, there are certain cooking trends that just don’t sit down well with us. Foodies recently discussed on Reddit what current cooking trends would seem extremely revolting in future. This open discussion indeed was relatable for foodies on the internet. Take a look:

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The post was originally shared by user u/AndShesNotEvenPretty in the sub-Reddit r/cooking. Thousands of likes, comments and reactions poured into the post. Talking about revisiting old recipes, the user wrote, “It’s amusing to look back on the trends of yesteryear and realize how much our tastes have changed.” The recipes of yesteryear were from a sub-Reddit called r/oldRecipes that featured unpalatable dishes made with gelatine and iceberg lettuce. “Many of them sound unappetizing by today’s standards. It got me to thinking, what do we eat now that the next generations will find unappealing,” she wondered in the post.

Reddit users were quick to list out many foods and trending recipes that they felt were unfathomable not just in the future, but even in the present. “Deep fried foods like Oreo, ice cream etc. stacking calories over calories,” commented one user in the Reddit thread. “Foam. It’s disgusting. And unfortunately appears on dishes in high end restaurants. Where it looks like something someone spit onto the plate. Horrifying,” added another one.

People also had an issue with particular foods as they shared in the thread. “I hate truffle. Why do we need it on everything? I don’t want my max and cheese to taste like just a little bit of dirt,” commented another Reddit user.

Take a look at the reactions and responses to the Reddit discussion about food trends:

What are the foods that you think future generations will not like to eat? Tell us in the comments below.

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