Cinema hall adjacent to Khala’s house, family’s ban, Irfan’s inner actor awakened in childhood

Irrfan Khan had told during an interview that he wanted to watch films in his childhood but could not. He used to go to the cinema hiding from his father. It was strictly forbidden to watch movies in his house.

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Irrfan Khan Birth Anniversary: ​​Irrfan Khan is such a name in the film industry that it seemed that he was made only for acting. Irrfan’s special friend Shah Rukh Khan has a dialogue in a film – ‘If you really want something, then the whole universe takes it to meet you.’ The same happened with Irrfan Khan. On the birth anniversary of Irrfan Khan, he is telling the story which created interest in acting within Irrfan.

There was a ban on watching movies at home

In fact, Irrfan Khan, born in Tonk on January 7, 1967, had told in an interview that he was kept away from films in his childhood. His father was very strict and used to keep him away from cinema. Even he was irritated with cinema. But Irfan came face to face with cinema when he used to go to his aunt’s place during the holidays. There was a cinema hall adjacent to Khala’s house where there was hustle and bustle all the time. Irfan also came under the influence of this glare. They wanted to see what people go to see.

Drama with children at Khala’s house

Irfan would also get to watch films during this time. This would have happened by juggling. He would enter the cinema hall in the middle with his battalion. That’s why most of the time he doesn’t remember which movie it was. After watching the film, he used to start the play with his friends. Sometimes on the roof, sometimes inside the house, sometimes on the road, there was a ruckus. But this place left a deep impression on Irfan Khan’s mind and mind and his mind was attracted towards acting.

It was too late to recognize Irfan

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Then gradually he came under the influence of the actors. He was influenced by actors like Rajesh Khanna, Mithun Chakraborty and Naseeruddin Shah. After this, gradually he made a hold in the acting world. But it took a long time. Irrfan Khan’s acting never needed any movies like ‘Paan Singh Tomar’. He had been impressing people with his acting in many movies and TV shows earlier also. But then our society was developing. They learned late to appreciate a good actor. And by the time I learned it was too late. Irrfan Khan, who played different characters in all the films, said goodbye to the world on 29 April 2020.


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