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There are two kinds of comic fans in the world—the ones in it for entertainment and the ones brimming with zillion (or maybe one) comic book ideas of their own. For those among them who can’t draw even with a gun to their head, here’s how they can make cool comics, despite not being an artist or designer. For this, all one needs is oodles of imagination, a hint of patience and a dash of structure to make magic happen.

Comicgen is a tool targeted at those creative spirits who have a knack for storytelling, but not the professional skillset. One of the best and easiest ways to make your own comics, it is the place to give free reign to one’s zany imagination. Here’s a step-by-step on how to create your own comics faster than you can say Batman.

How to Use Comicgen
Before using Comicgen, plan and strategise your storyline. Once you have done that, here’s what you need to do:

✥ Go to
✥ Click on Try the new Comicgen v1.
✥ Choose the character you like from the character dropdown.
✥ Customise your character using other drop-down menus. Options available range from character’s name, gender, face style, attire, pose, skin tone, colour of clothing, and even their emotion.
✥ Choose PNG at the bottom of the page to save your comic.

Using Comicgen and Google Slides to Create a Comic Strip

Once your characters are ready in Comicgen, you can use Google Slides to develop your comic strip. To do this: ✥ Go to Google Slides and choose a Blank presentation.
✥ Click on File in the top-left corner.
✥ Head to Page setup.
✥ Alter your page size according to how big you want the comic strip panels to be.
✥ You can either drag your Comicgen character into the slide, or click Insert in the top bar and select Image.
✥ For adding speech and thought bubbles, click Insert, then select Shape, and select Callouts.
✥ Type your text inside the callout shape to bring your comic strip to life.
✥ To add more fun, you can try tinkering with presentation features in Google Slides.
✥ To view your slides as a comic strip, click on File, then select Print Preview.
Go to the handout options and select the amount of slides you want to view per page.
✥ Finally, click on Download as PDF, or Print.

You can even use sites with free stock photos to introduce fresh imagery into your comic strip and make it look that much entertaining. To bring all your crazy, cool thoughts to life from the comfort of your favourite gaming chair is child’s play, indeed.

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