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The new song of Jacqueline and Badshah has been released.

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Jacqueline Badshah New Song: This song of Jacqueline and Badshah has been released at a time when the heat in India is breaking records and there is a possibility of increasing demand for soft drinks among people in this rising heat.

Jacqueline Fernandez (Jacqueline Fernandez) And a song by rapper Badshah is creating havoc on the internet. Lyrics of this song are – Check the Fizz (Check The Fizz). After listening to Check the Fizz, you must have got some idea that after all Jacqueline And for whom has this song of Badshah been launched? If you have not understood yet, then let us tell you that soft drink company Pepsi has released its anthem for summer. Jacqueline and Badshah are the faces of this anthem by Pepsi. (Rapper Badshah) made to. There is a swag in this anthem song picturized on Jacqueline and Badshah, which might have been successful in attracting the youth to their side.

The song is a part of Pepsi’s ‘Har Ghunt Mein Swag’ campaign. To showcase the swag in the song, the company has roped in two youth icons like Jacqueline and Badshah to reach out to the youth. Both Badshah and Jacqueline have shared some clips of this song on their Instagram as well. Fans of both Jacqueline and Badshah are very much liking this new song of theirs. The chemistry of both is pleasing to the people. The reason for this is the beats of the song and its lyrics, which are very catchy.

Watch Jacqueline and Badshah’s new song here

Let us tell you, Pepsi India has shared the full video of the song on its YouTube channel. In this video you will see that in the summer this song has brought together two such artists, who are increasing the heat through this song in their own style. Jacqueline and Badshah can be seen as college going girl and boy in the song. In the video of the song, you will also see that preparations for an event are going on and the emperor messages Jacqueline sitting on a chair, but Jacqueline ignores his message.

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Initially, seeing the video, it seems that Jacqueline is angry with Badshah. After being ignored by Jacqueline, Badshah goes on stage and starts rapping. The entire song is made on rap and musical beats. After half the song is completed, Jacqueline is shown singing and grooving to the song Check the Fizz with very hot acts. Through this song, Pepsi has tried to connect with the customers with music and dance.


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