Austin Tolliver Takes You On A ‘Crash Course’ In New Video While Giving A Breakdown Of ‘Ride 4 Me’

Sometimes, love feels like you’re driving on the wrong side of a one-way street and headed for a dead end. Whether or not you wind up kissing the wall instead of kissing the one you want is up to you, and the song playing on the radio right before this collision? “Crash Course,” by Austin Tolliver. In the new video from the country-inspired hip-hop star, Austin struggles with both the speed limit and regret. “You started holding someone else’s hand way you held me,” he raps. “Now you putting on an act, but you never tell me / I keep watching your show, I know your hearts broke / But you keep telling me I’m going down the wrong road.”

Austin’s “Crash Course” shows why he’s the best of both worlds, with the song mixing hip-hop’s bravado with country music’s vulnerability. Austin opens up about his own mistakes (“Put commitment down a bottle, and I drank it away”) and how he vows to make things right. It’s a charisma that weaves throughout Ride 4 Me, his debut album, a record that could be playing on the radio of your local country quick stop or outside your favorite all-night bodega. In an EXCLUSIVE track-by-track review of the album, Austin dishes on what went into Ride 4 Me and why you should be in the passenger seat as he takes his career into the fast lane.

“Dip Low”

” ‘Dip Low’ was written by Brabo Gator down in Florida at mako’s studio.  It’s an awesome song and one I love to play when I’m trying to party. It will for sure get you moving on the dance floor.”

“Ride 4 Me”

” ‘Ride 4 Me’ is about letting loose with a group of people and getting into mischief with some women. This song was written by me and my buddy Aaron Lamont. We wanted a track that was sexy and fun and we did that here for sure.”

“Pain Pill “

” ‘Pain Pill’ comes with the trials and tribulations that come with making your dreams come true. This song was written by myself, Brabo Gator, and Bezz Believe. Chasing dreams is fun but damn sometimes I wish it came with a pain pill [laughs].”

“Little Bit Of Me”

” ‘Little Bit Of Me’ is about your person and wanting to adventure out having a good time. This song was written by Brabo Gator and when we were coming up with the concept for it, we wanted to use other songs we all know and love and tie them into my life experiences and we told a damn good love story.”

“Tip My Hat”

” ‘Tip My Hat’ is all about not letting anyone come in your way and handling business when it needs to be handled. Written by me and Aaron Lamont to be a badass anthem about respect or getting lit. Either way, we are cool with it.”

“Crash Course”

“This song was written by Brabo Gator and it tells the story of a girl leaving a dude even though he still loves her. He ends up hooking up with someone else and wants to go back to his girl and finds himself always on a crash course for the one he wants.”


“Can’t Get Away From Me”

“Written by Brabo Gator, myself, and Wes Breit, ‘Can’t Get Away From Me’ is about the moments when your life comes crashing down and not being able to get out of your own head to deal with the problems. It’s a deep song with a deep message that I don’t think is talked about enough. Men expressing their issues.”


” ‘Amnesia’ is about your person leaving and doing everything you can to numb the pain. Brabo Gator wrote this with a concept in mind of showing you may have left but fuck it I’m about to show you what you’re missing.”

“Louisiana Lullaby”

“Written by Brabo Gator, this tells the story of a man realizing you can make mistakes and move past them and become the man you are destined to be.”

“Yodelay You Down”

” ‘Yodelay’ is about the sexual desire you have for someone and wanting to fulfill the fantasy. Written by myself and Chase J, we really felt the need to just tell the raunchy side of the thought process when a woman is feeling you. ‘Hell, let’s stop the talking and let me Yodelay You Down.’”

“Tailgate Party”

“Written by Brabo Gator, this is a song that sports is about to know that it needed. Sports season always needs a good party song. This song you play while drinking and tailgating waiting to see if your team pulls in the W.”


“Lifestyle is about living life to the fullest with no care and always winning. Written by myself and Colt Ford, we felt the need to swag out a bit and let people know this is the life I live.”


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