After Flying Dosa, New ‘Helicopter Bhel’ Has Become A Hit Online


Thanks to the rapid growth of social media, we are discovering new and innovative dishes every day. Food bloggers travel to various locations and show us glimpses of all kinds of unique foods on their channels. If you are an avid foodie, you would recall the ‘Flying Dosa’ by a Mumbai eatery that had gone viral last year. The ingenious way of cooking a dosa spurred a flurry of other creations – flying vada pav, flying dahi vada and more. And now, another street vendor has taken over the internet with his latest dish – the helicopter bhel. Take a look at the video that was shared on Instagram:

In the clip, we could see a street food vendor preparing delicious bhelpuri. For the unversed, bhelpuri is a popular snack in India that combines puffed rice with peanuts, potato, onion, tomato and spicy chutneys to make a light yet delicious treat. Usually, all the ingredients are combined in a bowl and mixed together before serving. However, this particular street vendor was doing the mixing rather vigorously – almost to the point of making the vessel fly! They called it ‘Helicopter Bhel’ due to the sheer speed of the action that the vendor was performing. “Can see the sparks already,” they captioned the video.

The helicopter bhel video was shared on Instagram by user @Trollgramofficial, where it has already received over 94.2k views and 3.3k likes. It also received many reactions from foodies online, who were left impressed by the bhelpuri-seller’s skills. “Few minutes more and this would have generated electricity,” read one comment while another said, “This bhelpuri comes with steel flavour!” “Turbine lagake check Karlo, [check with a turbine]” laughed another one while someone else wrote, “This noise is so irritating!”

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Bhelpuri was the subject of this latest innovation.

If all this talk about bhelpuri has made you crave it, worry not. We have the full recipe for you right here! This street-style bhelpuri can easily be made at home with a few simple ingredients. Click here for the full recipe.

What did you think about the helicopter bhel? Have you seen any such interesting innovation in your are? Tell us in the comments below.

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