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In Indian culture The mangasutraKu has its own significance. Is considered a symbol of a woman’s marriage. So after the wedding, you usually see the mangasutra on each woman’s throat.

But many women will not be able to wear Mars because they believe that the traditional designs of Mars will not match their elegant look. However, after marriage, every woman loves to wear Mars. This is why hand-woven mascots are now on the market.

Previously, Karimamani was a place of korali but today it has changed. Controversies have often been heard about the kamani cord, and among the mammals of modernity, the karimani is the brainchild of innovative bracelet fashion lovers.

If you also want to wear your hands on Mars, we will show you the latest and greatest design.

The husband’s zodiac sign or lucky number can be used in marsupsutra
If you are a believer in astrology, you can wear your husband’s zodiac sign or Mars sign with a lucky number design. You will find various piles of signs in this mangasutra design. You can make that sign pendant or you can also get the zodiac sign Numa Pendant in Mars. You can also decide the color of the Mars pendant according to your zodiac sign.


The husband’s name can also be kept

You can customize your husband’s name in elegant font and make his pendant in Mars. If the husband’s full name is too large, you can get a pendant made from the first letter of his name. Furthermore, you can also make a combined pendant in the name of you and your husband. If you do not want to write a name, you can put any favorite word of the husband or auspicious words related to the wedding as a pendant in your mangasutra.

Name In Mangalsutra

Name In Mangalsutra

There are many options in Kai Mars
You can also make a bracelet-style manuscript in addition to a multi-chain masseuse or tasselled mascot.

Mangalsutra Design

Mangalsutra Design

How to Design:

The bracelet design of this type of gold incorporates gold beads and ebony, using alloy string and various colored granules. When designing the emerald, crystal bead, granular star, heart, and various small pendants are used.

Which dress is appropriate:
Although this type of bracelet is good for everyday use, it is best to buy a stainless black emerald brassite when choosing. This bracelet can be worn with jeans, kurti and sari for almost all fabrics. The whole tradition is appreciated by Sai, who introduced fashion.

Marriage date in mangasutra
Not only this, but you can also get your wedding date as a pendant, apart from the many sacred words and symbols in Mars. This way your Mars mantra looks very unique.


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