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Movie: 777 Charlie

Construction: Parmanwa Studios

Direction: Kiran Raj

Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Charlie, Raj b. Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, Bobby Lion, Gopalakrishna Deshpande etc.

Star: 3.5 / 5

Actor Rakshit Shetty In his career 777 Charlie Very varied cinema. He does not sing duet with heroine in this movie. Villains are not knocked out like a mass hero. Director Kiran Raj has created another kind of cinema with all sorts of formulas. The film tells the story of the relationship between a dog and a man as we know in the trailer before. Making such a film is not easy. Dogs must cooperate like other artists. It should be shot according to its mood. It is essential that the whole team be patient in that regard. It’s all possible ‘777 Charlie’ The team brought the story to the screen. What is cinema like The answer is this Review (777 Charlie Movie Review) Read More ..

Directors Dream Project:

For every director, his first film is very important. So they are more careful in their choice of story. Much easier to get a hit. But director Kiran Raj has taken more risks in his debut film. He has worked for this film for 4-5 years. Their toil appears on the screen. He has been very diligent in the smallest details. ‘777 Charlie’ draws viewers from it.

Rakshit Shetty:

As mentioned earlier, this is a special cinema for Rakshit Shetty. It is more likely that they have lived that role than they have painted the role of religion. The nature of this character is different. Dharma has two shades. Rakshit Shetty is the one who really embodied both of those shades. His combination of Charlie’s dog will make the audience more likable.

What is the story of ‘777 Charlie’?

Anger at the tip of the nose for a dharma living alone. He doesn’t talk to anyone. But unexpectedly a dog gains access to his life. After that the life of Dharma changes. So what was that dog doing? Religion that initially hates a dog, then why does it love it? What will the Dharma-Charlie affair ultimately be? The answer to all these questions is to look at cinema throughout.

Emotion prevails over intellect:

After the change in the life of the protagonist, he begins to pay more for the emotion than for the intellect. It is not limited to the story alone. Director Kiran Raj is also in his job. It is clear that the directors paid more for the emotion than the wit in building the story. He chose the juicy narrative style in the first half and told the story in the second half without any frameworks. Just like how the feeling is flowing, it is free to flow.

For the audience who have embraced religion and Charlie, the period of cinema will not be over. But for the non-emotional audience, the second half shouldn’t be long. Logical factors may not be as important to the onlookers as the wave of emotion. Yet the ‘777 Charlie’ would have been much closer if the directors had paid attention to these factors.

Message with Entertainment:

For many different kinds of ideas about street dogs. There are those who walk the kilometers, afraid of seeing dogs. If you come home, there are people who drive. But ‘777 Charlie’ has the power to change their minds. There have already been many movies with a dog story. The cinema also stands out in their line-up.

Attention background music:

Music Director Nobin Paul has enhanced the cinematography with background music. Background music is more than just songs. Nobin Paul’s contribution in intensifying emotions thereby is also noteworthy. Arvind Kashyap’s photography is neat.

Laughing Raj B Shetty:

Raj B, who played the role of a veterinarian. Shetty laughs at Sakhat. Speaking in Mangalore-style Kannada, they set the audience ablaze with their own manorism. Whenever they appear on their screen, they are sure to put smiles on the face of onlookers. The rest is Gopalakrishna Deshpande, though he is a minor character. Danesh Seth and Bobby Lion do not have much screen space. Heroine Sangeetha Sringeri has co-starred.

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