5 English words that caught the attention of dictionary experts in 2022 Cambridge Dictionary Expanded Meaning of Woman

English Dictionary: The most important words that define the phenomena of 2022 have been published by English dictionary publishing houses. It is significant that 4 of these words indicate the changed human attitudes during the Covid era.

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Bangalore: Always picking up new words and meanings appropriate to the times English is the language 2022 opens up for significant efforts towards gender equality. Cambridge has gained global importance Dictionary Woman has redefined the meaning of the word, expanding the meaning possibilities. Another explanation has been added to the hitherto prevalent meanings. Interestingly, this is part of an effort to bring dignity to transgender people. Similarly permacrisis (Permacrisis – Collin’s Dictionary); goblin mode (goblin mode – Oxford dictionary); English dictionary publishing houses stated that the words gaslighting (Gaslighting – Merriam Webster) and homer (Homer – Cambridge) were the most important words defining the phenomena of 2022. It is significant that 4 of these words indicate the changed human attitudes during the Covid era.

  1. Woman: The Cambridge Dictionary has added a new definition to the English word Woman, which is used with the Kannada equivalent of अम्यानी. Accordingly, ‘woman’ means a mature human female. It is defined as a person who chooses to identify as a female after reaching adulthood, regardless of their gender at birth. (adult female human being, a woman can also be an adult who lives and identifies as female although they may have been told to have a different sex at birth). Two examples are also provided for this explanation. An example is ‘She is the first transgender woman elected to national office’. ‘There was a woman named Mary. Another example of word usage is mentioned ‘but at the time of birth it was said to be male’.
  2. Permacrisis: The term permacrisis is used to describe instability and insecurity that exists over a long period of time. The term epitomizes the no-escape situation the entire world has been forced into after the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a crisis caused by the Covid-19 sanctions. That is why Collins Dictionary has identified this as an important word that symbolizes 2022.
  3. Gaslighting: Gaslighting is the act of misleading someone by using lies, hypocrisy and artificial intelligence. “In recent years, mass media and technology have been used to mislead people. The term gaslighting is used to convey a misunderstanding. That is why it is considered as the word of the year’ explained by Merriam Webster Dictionary.
  4. Goblin Mode: A word that describes greed, laziness, a self-centered attitude. It reflects a state of mind that rejects social norms or expectations. Due to covid, people became lonely and this attitude grew. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word is also used as a way to hide our own personalities from others.
  5. Homer: Work performed by a handyman at a client’s home. For example, a barber goes to a customer’s home and does haircuts and shaving. The Cambridge Dictionary defines homer as the tendency to go to a customer’s home to provide service, sometimes without the knowledge of the owner of the establishment they work for. The exigencies that arose during the Covid period gave Homer this meaning. Until then, the word Homer was only popular as the name of a Greek epic poet and a baseball score.

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