14 Best Pizza Places In Delhi NCR Recommends


If there’s one Italian delicacy that we Indians are fond of the most, it has to be pizza! Crispy crust laden with tomato sauce and topped with a host of veggies, meat, or chicken and oozing with cheese, pizza is enough to make us salivate any time of the day. If you look around and explore, you will find a variety of pizza places in Delhi NCR. To make it easier for you to choose the best, we have shortlisted a few tried and tested pizza places that should be on your radar when you plan to order pizzas at home. From thin crust pizzas to deep dish pizzas with a wide range of toppings, these places are the perfect addition to the city’s eclectic home dining scene. So, without much ado, let’s get started with the list below.

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Here’re 14 Pizza Places In Delhi NCR Every Pizza Lover Must Try:

1. Xero Degrees

Let’s start the list with this one. Super crispy base and topped with a melange of sauces and thick melted cheese along with juiciest chicken pieces, Xero Degrees’ chicken tikka pizza is sure to tantalise your taste buds and is quite filling as well. You can also try their chicken delight and in veg pizza, Xero Veg Extravaganza is worth trying!

2. Baking Bad

One of the city’s first cloud kitchen deliveries, Baking bad, has served the most delicious gourmet pizzas and lip-smacking sides in Delhi since 2015. We recommend you all to try their Heisenberg pizza. It is laden with pepperoni and all things delicious. Their pesto is equally delicious.

3. Social

This place in terms of food needs no separate introduction. Just like other food on the menu, their pizzas too, deserve a round of applause. We tried their chicken tikka pizza. It was filling, satiating, and extremely delicious. For the vegetarian pizza, their cheddar is a must try!

4. Amici Cafe

Next up, we bring you Amici Cafe. This place is a chain of Italian cafes offering a variety of pizzas, pasta, and sides. If you are a non-vegetarian pizza lover, try their sausage pizza. Trust us, once you try this pizza, you will order it every time you crave Italian delicacies.

5. Chatter House

Let’s agree, there’s nothing more satisfying than indulging in a pizza filled with chicken, cheese and more. And what’s better than a pizza filled with our favourite butter chicken? Well, yes! Chatter house serves the delicious butter chicken pizza that will surely get you hooked. The taste, texture and everything is up to the notch.

6. Andrea’s Eatery

While you have a plethora of interesting options on the menu to choose from, we recommend you to try their Yella Habibi Pizza, which is stuffed with labney, garlic chicken and topped with oven roasted tomatoes and Irish parsley. If you’re in the quest of trying something unique yet very delicious, this pizza is worth-trying!

7. Nomad Pizza

If you are someone who loves deep dish pizza, their Chicago deep dish pizza goes up on the top of our recommendation list. Besides this one, we recommend you all to try The Naples Pepperoni Pizza and if you want to be experimental with your pizza, Korean-Chicken Bulgogi Pizza can be a great choice too.

8. Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli’s unique selling proposition is that it consists of a whole range of cuisines in its menu – right from European to American and Italian! They have two options for making their pizza base, one is regular flour, and the other one is multi grain flour. We recommend you to try their grilled peri peri chicken pizza laden with fresh mozzarella and rucola. For vegetarians, Smoked Peperonata is worth trying!

9. D’Oliva

Next up, on our list we bring you a lip-smacking amalgamation of classic and contemporary dishes, D’OLIVA is a delectable eatery bringing forth authentic Italian and Continental cuisine together. It brings to you a plethora of Pizza varieties from around the world, such as Neapolitan inspired Artisanal style, crisp New York style pies, and more.

10. Chicago Pizza

Opened and conceptualized in the year 2018, Chicago Pizza is a Pizzeria with over 100+ outlets across the country. Well, all the credit goes to their delicious pizzas. We recommend you try their zesty chicken and non-veg overloaded pizzas. For vegetarians, Chicago special is a must try!

11. Paparizza

If you are someone who loves their pizzas oozing with cheese, this place is meant for you. Plus, this place is known for their woodfired fusion pizzas. For instance, paneer tikka pizza, paneer makhani pizza, Amritsari swaad pizza and more. If you want to enjoy pizza with a desi twist, this place won’t disappoint you.

12. Gorillaz Pizzeria

A perfect balance of crunchy toppings, cheese and their special Gorillaz sauce, this place serves a variety of pizzas made with fresh dough. Ranging from Primavera, Quattro Formaggi to Calabrese, Alfredo and many more. If you are desperate for biting into an indulging base topped with lip-smacking toppings, try this place out!

13. Barbecue Nation

Barbeque Nation is one place that has been a frontrunner when it comes to grills, and it still stands its ground firmly. You all might have tried their starters, kebabs, main course like biryani, laal maas, and more. Besides these delicacies, this place also serves delectable pizzas.

14. Soho Pizzeria

Another favourite pizza place for all pizza lovers, this one is always jam-packed with people, purely because of the amazing pizzas they serve. We recommend you all try their Burrata Pesto Pizza. It is laden with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and burrata, topped with pine nuts and rocket leaves.

So, next time you crave a delicious pizza, try out these places and let us know which one you liked the most in the comments below.

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